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Nickson Takes Hardware Back to Weatherford

CJ Nickson 6'5" C - Weatherford MS - Weatherford, OK

S16 GAME STATS: 12 Points / 11 Rebounds / 1 Block / 1 Steal

When you mix athleticism with height and basketball IQ ... in the eighth grade, you have a gentlemen by the name of CJ Nickson. I first noticed his highlights on an Instagram post by one of his coaches. I watched the first few seconds of it and thought to myself, "Goodness Gracious!" The rest of the video, spoke for itself. I immediately got in touch with his coach and parents to make SURE this kid was at THE FINAL COMBINE. I wanted to make sure could do these video game dunks among stiffer competition.

He didn't let me down.

Mr. Nickson put on a dunking clinic in warm-ups, hyping up the crowd and his teammates that would be lobbing and dishing the ball to him in the all-star game.

During the 2025 Super16 All-Star game, he provided an array of slam dunks by being able to see the floor and making sure he was in the right place at the right times. Of course, his teammates didn't miss him as he was always around the basket.

The only Super16 All-Star to finish the night with a double-double (12 points / 11 rebounds), he displayed why he was named the MVP of this year's contest. He carries his 6'5" frame extremely well and has the dribbling ability to move the ball up the court, potentially as a college guard. During The FINAL COMBINE, CJ shot the ball well from mid-range and beyond the arc so the range is there. He has an all-around game that was clearly on display.

Mr. Nickson will definitely acquire interest from college coaches, IF he hasn't already. Look for this one to be a monster inside and out at the high school level.


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