• Sean Love

MVP - Nothing New in the Johnson Household

Jaden Johnson

5'10" G - Mustang South MS - Mustang, OK

S16 GAME STATS: 14 Points / 4 Rebounds / 3 Steals

When you have a house full of phenomenal athletes, you really don't have a choice BUT to follow the common thread of greatness that precedes you.

Malcolm Johnson, father of the Johnson bunch, has set a standard in the household as far as basketball is concerned. Accumulating multiple awards as a hardwood phenom from Lawton, OK, he managed to accrue every award you could think of coming out of high school. Ultimately landing him a scholarship at Texas Christian University in the mid 90's.

Jacobe Johnson, the oldest of three siblings, snatched an MVP award in the 2019 Super16 All-Star games. Mr. Johnson, now a sophomore at Mustang HS, has already gained national attention with D1 offers in basketball and football. One of those offers include a basketball scholly from his dad's alma-mater, TCU.

Fast-forward to the Johnson twins. Jaden and Jaytee Johnson are both following the standard set before them and will accept nothing less. I got to know the twins really well over the last year as they both made the 2020 Super16 All-Star list as 6th graders. During the games, I could tell they were both in competition to win the game, but both wanted the MVP award.

Last year, Jaden Johnson grabbed a S16 Co-MVP award for his phenomenal play. This year, Jaden edged out several awesome players to pick up his second MVP. He plays very aggressive on defense, leading to steals, points and the creation of transition opportunities for his teammates. The kid has great court vision and knows how to create his own shots as needed. His range is deadly from all areas of the court so don't leave him open.

Mr. Johnson has what I call a "humble arrogance". I know it's an oxymoron but it fits. He's a bit of a trash-talker and will take you out of your game if you let him. He will dominate you and let you know, while giving you high-fives and praise at the same time. He told me last year he was going to win the MVP again this year ... and sure enough, he did it again.

Look for Jaden and his brother to excel in a variety of sports in the upcoming years.

The household standard has been set.