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Fan-Fave MVP Lands with Late Roster Addition from Moore

Brianna Jones 5'4" PG - Brink Jr. High - Moore, OK

S16 GAME STATS: 13 Points / 7 Rebounds / 2 Steals / 1 Assist

There were a few roster spots open in this year's Super16 Fan-Fave All-Star games. Latesha Woods, a guest coach for the All-Star games and Head Coach at Harding Charter Prep, told me she had several girls that "COULD GO"! I placed their names on the roster and it was on.

2025 Moore product, Brianna Jones, put on an impressive show contributing in all facets of the game. Points, assists, steals and rebounds. Although there is no stat column for hustle plays, she would have blessed that column as well. Not knowing much about her teammates, she just played her game to help her team succeed.

The way she moved the ball up the court, her ball-handling was among the elite. She never had much to say, but her body language and game play said enough. She was focused and determined and seemed to be a fair student of the game. Didn't get to see a lot of shooting from the perimeter, seeing that she was always getting to the bucket for layups. Miss Jones is an all-around solid player, 3 rebounds shy away from a double-double. As she develops, she will make those around her GO!

With two injured 2025 Super16 All-Stars, those roster spots were filled with the Fan-Fave MVP, Brianna Jones and MVP runner-up, Emerie Adams. This a tradition we are looking forward to implementing in the upcoming years of the Super16 All-Star games. They held their own and played well when their names were called.

Look for Miss Jones to highlight a stellar 2025 class of Super16 All-Stars in Oklahoma girls basketball.


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