• Sean Love



Stillwater Junior High - Stillwater, OK

GAME STATS: 9 Points / 4 Rebounds / 1 Assist

Janiyah Williams is quickly proving why she belongs in conversations with the rest of Oklahoma’s phenoms. One of the most underrated PGs in the 2025 class, the Stillwater product comes from a family of athletes and it’s no surprise she is athletic as she is.

Miss Willams, a 2020 Super16 MVP award winner, has an impressive game and a commanding poise about her. Janiyah is much the aggressor on defense, shutting down anyone she faces. Williams is pesky, fiesty and will make the gambles most players won’t make. When she does … SHE’S ALL-IN and WINS.

Her ability to develop scoring opportunities makes her a lethal asset in any program. I’ve seen her come down and drop a three from nearly half court. I’ve also seen her push the rock hard, hit the “hesi”, explode past a defender and mash on the brakes to pull up from the elbow.

Janiyah is a player that can and will fit any system you put her in, making those around her better with consistency and time. She constantly maintains a positive mindset that will push her through if faced with adversity.

Looking forward to seeing her ball at the next level and becoming one of the best players in the state, if not the country.