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Kansas MS - Kansas, OK

GAME STATS: 7 Points / 2 Rebounds / 1 Block

A registration comes in for the Broken Arrow combine. The first thing I see is “Kansas” … My first thought was, “Wow, we have people from different states wanting to participate in our event!” Not reading the entire registration form, I immediately refunded her mother and mentioned that it was only for Oklahoma players. She respectfully responds, “We are in Oklahoma … Kansas, OK!”. To my surprise, it’s tucked in the far northeast corner of the state. A skip, hop and a jump away from Missouri and Arkansas.

Towering at 6’0”, I would say she is a versatile post player. After seeing her perform, you can probably use her wherever you’d like. She can push the pill like a PG and will post you up like a WNBA power forward. She moves well up and down the floor and rebounds easily with power and finesse. Miss Stanley has an impressive arsenal of moves when she’s on the block and around the perimeter.

Stanley will easily command respect when reaching the prep level. As she gains more exposure and visibility while playing with summer AAU teams or Travel Club organizations, her recruiting will be pick up fairly quickly.

She’s definitely a “Gem in the Gym” (Shout out to Kameo Williams).


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