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Kansas MS - Kansas, OK

GAME STATS: 7 Points / 2 Rebounds / 1 Block

A registration comes in for the Broken Arrow combine. The first thing I see is “Kansas” … My first thought was, “Wow, we have people from different states wanting to participate in our event!” Not reading the entire registration form, I immediately refunded her mother and mentioned that it was only for Oklahoma players. She respectfully responds, “We are in Oklahoma … Kansas, OK!”. To my surprise, it’s tucked in the far northeast corner of the state. A skip, hop and a jump away from Missouri and Arkansas.

Towering at 6’0”, I would say she is a versatile post player. After seeing her perform, you can probably use her wherever you’d like. She can push the pill like a PG and will post you up like a WNBA power forwar