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Carver MS - Tulsa, OK

GAME STATS: 8 Points / 6 Rebounds / 1 Steal / 1 Assist

In 2019, Marcayla Johnson, swiped the MVP award in the Super16 Fan-Fave All-Star game. This year was a bit different. During our Broken Arrow combine, I recognized her face but could not remember her name. “Marcayla Johnson” she said to me with a huge smile on her face when I asked. She may as well have said “Marcayla Johnson, I’m one of this year’s Super16 All-Stars!”.

Miss Johnson’s game has elevated and S16 evaluators totally agreed she was definitely not the average basketball player. Since our last meeting, she stands a foot taller, has effective new moves, works at a different speed with increased confidence… all with the same goal in becoming the best player she can become.

If you've ever watched the modern-day version movie of Sherlock Holmes, before approaching his opponents in a duel ... he sizes them up and envisions a combination of moves in his mind. He then executes those moves to perfection, ultimately ended in their demise. Miss Johnson does just that. She pushes the rock with finesse and style, breaking them down before breaking them down. During the S16 combines and All-Star games, there were certain tricks in her bag that only she could pull off and she did them well. Her creativity was nothing less of impressive.

Her rebounding ability far exceeds the level of normal guard play. One of the main reasons she garnered an All-Super16 Team spot during the Super16 All-Star games. Her shooting range combined with her size will push her far on the recruiting trail here in a year or so … maybe less.


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