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Star Spencer MS - Spencer, OK

GAME STATS: 6 points / 8 Rebounds / 1 Block / 1 Assist

Nothing but raw talent to say the least, Miss Brown was probably the most athletic Super16 All-Star we’ve seen in years. She grabbed nearly every rebound that could be snatched up during her playing time in the Super16 All-Star game and every combine she attended. I would venture to say that she will be able to touch the rim here in a few years.

Brown has amazing speed and will track anyone down from baseline to baseline.

I mentioned to one of her basketball coaches, “I already know she’s a track star, isn't she?".

Coach responded, “Yup, she just won this event, this event, that event and that event too”.

The Spencer product is fairly new to the game of basketball and her IQ and prowess can only shoot up from here with development and training. She managed to rebound her way into the top five performances of the 2025 Girls Super16 All-Star game.

Keep your eyes peeled in Oklahoma high school track and field … we just may have a former Super16 All-Star turned Olympian.


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