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Bethany MS - Bethany, OK

GAME STATS: 11 Points / 7 rebounds / 2 Blocks / 1 Steal / 1 Assist

You can read just about any write up on this young lady and always see a similar assessment. “Big Guard”, “Tops in the Country”, “Great Size”, “Long & Athletic”, “Phenomenal B-Ball IQ” … BUT, her most visible attribute is that gleaming smile that brightens any gym or room when she walks in.

We were introduced to Miss Lofton about four to five years ago. “You have to take a look at this girl from Yukon, OK. Her name is Keziah Lofton!”. I must say, were impressed as soon as we saw her play. From that point moving forward, we knew she would be one of the major players in Oklahoma by the time she graduates. She has proved us wrong. Lofton has managed to attain that status before dropping a high school bucket.

When Lofton hits the court, there are no more smiles, straight business. The 3X All-Star and 2X MVP, started quickly in this year’s game popping a 3-pointer and blew by a few defenders finishing with layups. There is no doubt she is a walking bucket but she will definitely lock you up from baseline to baseline. She handles pressure and adversity with extreme poise and leadership. Keeping her team involved at all times, Lofton still manages to produce in all facets of the game.

Not only is Miss Lofton one of the top players in Oklahoma, she has also been tabbed as one of the top ranked players in the country according to numerous media sources and outlets. She currently holds multiple Division I scholarship offers from coast to coast.

We have definitely enjoyed her career as a Super16 All-Star. Now it's time to watch her develop into one of the country's elite ball players during her prep years.


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