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What is the Super16 All-Star Games? 

Established in 2017, the Super16 All-Star Games is an annual basketball event featuring some of the best middle school basketball players in the state of Oklahoma. Highlighting and recognizing these athletes as the cream of the crop to local and national media outlets, 80 athletes are selected and gathered together under one roof to showcase their talents in an epic showdown.

How are Super16 All-Stars selected?  

There are multiple ways to be noticed and selected.
- Attending a S16 Combine to be evaluated
- Being visible in club and school ball games
- Word of mouth recommendations from trusted colleagues

To learn more about the selection process, SEE SELECTION PROCESS.

How much does it cost to be a Super16 All-Star? 

Besides the $20 Combine fee and gas money to get there… Practically NOTHING!!!!

Once Super16 and Fan-Fave All-Stars are selected, those athletes will purchase their shooting shirts for $20 (If they’re not sponsored this year). Each Super16 and Fan-Fave All-Star will be able to keep their full uniforms sponsored by DreamPrints Gear.

How many Super16 All-Stars are selected? 

All-Star Team Breakdown: 20-7th Grade Girls | 20-7th Grade Girls | 20-8th Grade Girls | 20-8th Grade Boys
Fan-Fave Team Breakdown 20-7/8th Grade Girls | 20-7/8th Grade Boys
TOTAL: 120 Athletes

Where are players selected from? 

Any 7th or 8th grade athlete that is currently living in the state of Oklahoma and is enrolled in an Oklahoma middle school or an Oklahoma-based home school program.

How long has Super16 All-Star Games been around? 

The inaugural S16 All-Star Games event was held at John Marshall High School in 2017.

Are there any notable players that have played in the S16 All-Star Games? 

Yes, notable players like Aaliyah Moore (Texas), Trey Alexander (Creighton), Kelbie Washington (OU), Keyondre Young (Valparaiso), Kendra Gillispie (Baylor), Keuan Parker (Arkansas-Football) … just to name a few.

A majority of the 2017 class of S16 All-Stars (2021s) are signed at all levels and in multiple sports. - See Super16 Alumni

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